Super-Models of Social Media panel

Nicolas Kardas – sr. product manager windows live platform (microsoft)
jim Scheinman (EIR – CRV)
Steve Jang CMO & Hwead of Business Development Imeem)
Mark Silva, Founder/Manage Director Real Branding.

Super models:

facebook, hi5
social media – helping social media companies make money

Next tier:
rockyou and slide
Nicolas Kardas – likes Netflix – people read views.

Dave McClure — Netflix – Social Commence But agrees.

Steve Jang – IMEEM – rockyou, slide have outsourced user authentication and registration (using facebook)
imeem: 25 million uniques/month – .com 75 million uniques/month from widgets (social networks)
meat of revenue – direct sales of ads.
adsense is just for inventory fill.

Mark Silva –
existing traditional ad agencies are big and stupid
Flixster – 25K users will friend a movie
300K users will thumbs up a movie on flixster. Flixter prices ad packages $25K, $50K, $100K packages – makes it easy for ad agencies to do check box ad buys.
ads needs to make themselves relevant on the social graph interrupt ad model is going to go away.

Nicolas: sees social network as a way to know their user. because they know music.

Dave : CPC – pay per click does work on social network. But Flixster is driving brand awareness.

Mark – pay per click – adsense makes sense. (transaction)
CPM -is in resurgence in social media.
Category vertical focused – (flixster)

Jim Scheinman – EIR CRV.
if u want to reach young demographic – (13-35years) you have to go social network sites.
All the teen magazines are shutdowning.
On vertical markets CPM does work.
can we put the brand in from of the users and have consumers be your advocates.

Dave McClure:
long tail of social networking/marketing to amplify a brand.

Jim —
bebo conversion rate from free to premium users is usually < 1% Steve Jang -- 4x 5x click through rate of putting brand on ??? (something - widgets?) Metrics seem to really be missing with evaluating value of social networks: is it installs? is it plays? "interaction/engagement rate"? "impressions" Steve -- Destination websites still have value / the widget side have cool new opportunities. Dave -- saying widgets are "cool" means you don't have a business model on widgets yet Mark -- sees mobile as a platform not a media. Jim -- overseas mobile is a huge deal. Dave -- Social Commerce is where it will be at -- slide and rockyou will be enable someone else's commerce

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