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Dealmaker (Go-to-market panel)

Moderator: Vineet Buch, Partner, BlueRun Ventures Panelists: • Charlene Li, VP & Principal Analyst, FORRESTER RESEARCH • Jason Oberfest, VP Business Development, MYSPACE.COM • Sergio Monsalve, Principal, NORWEST VENTURE PARTNERS • Deborah Shultz, Strategist, DEBORAHSCHULTZ.COM Charlene: 10million uniques/month for general … Continue reading

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Super-Models of Social Media panel

Panel: Nicolas Kardas – sr. product manager windows live platform (microsoft) jim Scheinman (EIR – CRV) Steve Jang CMO & Hwead of Business Development Imeem) Mark Silva, Founder/Manage Director Real Branding. Super models: facebook, hi5 social media – helping social … Continue reading

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Excellent series of blog posts about High-speed rail in California

Here are some good posts about California’s High-Speed-Rail project.

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Thinking about working/living in Greece?

From an American struggling to survive in Greece for ten years through thick and mostly thin: I have a university education and 10 years professional experience in my field in the U.S. and Europe, which supposedly helps me beat out … Continue reading

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About Greatness and the true A-people

A-people hire A-people and B-people hire C-people. If something is repeated enough times, people accept it as true without questioning either the assumption or the definitions. When people refer to A-people or B-people they fall back on easily measured metrics: … Continue reading

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About movie theatres and bad marketing

Continuing my comment to Rick Segal’s post: The placement of automated ticket machines at movie theatres is really a marketing question. Where are those machines placed? The movie theaters I have been to, the machines are placed on the side … Continue reading

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How to drive a manual transmission

From Shannon: hmm well the number of people I know who keep replacing clutches & transmissions much higher than the issues I’ve had w/autos If you already know how to drive, learning to drive a manual transmission takes 45 minutes. … Continue reading

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How to learn to drive a manual transmission in 45 minutes

The patent-pending, I-will-sue-your-ass-if-you-use-it, guaranteed-not-to-fail-or-your-money-back! If you follow these steps you will learn how to drive a stick shift in about 45 minutes. Driving a stick shift will let you: get more mpg (manuals have higher EPA ratings than automatics) reduce … Continue reading

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How to buy a car.

My response to Shannon’s thinking about buying a car: Congratulations saving so much money by avoiding car ownership for so long. Here is my feedback: Forget the concept of a car retaining its “value”. A car is a liability not … Continue reading

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