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Sometimes people just need to keep their opinions to themselves

From a few months ago but this issue just boils my blood:

Apparently a mother traveling with her toddler were kicked off of a plane. No, the toddler wasn’t crying or throwing a fit, he was saying bye-bye to the plane and that annoyed the flight attendant. In fact she told the mother that she should have given her child Benadryl to shut him up. The mother rightly replied that, “‘Well, I’m not going to drug my child so you have a pleasant flight.” They were then kicked off the Continental ExpressJet plane.

This was after a more than 11 hour delay at the Houston airport. The stewardess should be praising the parent that the kid was so well behaved!

As a parent of 2 + stepchild, I have to say I really get ticked off whenever, I read hear about people, especially parents who have “angels” making snap judgments about another’s parenting ability. Especially with their offers of unwanted and useless ‘advice’.

Here are some things for the righteous think about:

  • That person might be a single parent – not everyone has a loving and supportive spouse.
  • There might be a nasty divorce in progress, and the kids are acting out as a consequence.
  • The dad or mom (sister, brother, etc) might have recently died
  • The kids might have been kept up all night by the next-door neighbors fighting.
  • They just got back from a trip and the kids are severely jetlagged.
  • The kid is autistic
  • The kid was sexually abused (and not by the parent!) and is dealing with the trauma the only way they know how
  • They might have just been evicted and are now living in a homeless shelter
  • The parent might have just found out they have cancer and no medical insurance.

So next time you have an opinion, please just stuff it! Your attitude is the last thing that is needed.

You don’t know the full story.

P.S. And for Continental ExpressJet’s wonderful customer service, wikipedia prominently includes the full details! You got to love it.

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