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anti-sales people at LayeredTech

Talk about a really interesting take on what being a sales person means. It is my general (perhaps misconceived) notion that when a customer contacts a sales person that their job is to try to evaluate the customer’s needs and … Continue reading

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why do people bother with Wendell Cox?

From September 2007 Railway Age editorial page: Wendell Cox responds “Your confusion on my position (‘From the Editor,’ RA, August, p. 4) misses the difference between means and objectives. Thirty years ago, I was appointed to the Los Angeles County … Continue reading

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Volunteering the kids for medical experiments

Littlest participated in this study about a year ago at Stanford. The Card Sort game is a well known task in which two through five year olds are asked to sort six cards according to one dimension (shape or color), … Continue reading

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if they think dungeons and dragons was bad….

What about MMOs, I know a few people that could star in the sequel:

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Dating for shallow people looking for husband #4

Darwin Dating: Attractive people are at a disadvantage on normal internet dating sites. They have to wade through a plethora of ugly people and ugly people pretending to be attractive in order to find someone who matches their own attractiveness. … Continue reading

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Code Review #4: Always read the documentation/code – a.k.a. is evil

The Setup Before I plunge into my rant, lets review a little-ole documentation. Under java.lang.Object, for equals() we have this: It is consistent: for any non-null reference values x and y, multiple invocations of x.equals(y) consistently return true or consistently … Continue reading

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Code Review #3: Use the debugger to check “working” code

There is a bug (or two) in this code: protected void compareStreams(InputStream is, InputStream isFromGet) throws IOException { byte[] newBuf = new byte[4096]; byte[] oldBuf = new byte[4096]; int len = 0; while ((len = != -1) { boolean … Continue reading

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Code Review #2: “It ain’t stored until the database says it is”

This was a recent comment on a bug report: EventImpl stores start and end dates as two strings (milliseconds presentation of date). Not clearly understand how information can be lost. What is wrong with this statement? Well nothing is “stored” … Continue reading

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Code Review #1: Masking of Throwables

When it comes to finally blocks, extra care is required. The code within a finally block can make very few assumptions about the state of variables that it is dealing with. Usually where developers slip-up is with null handling. This … Continue reading

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Code Reviews

Sometimes a code review reveals a code problem that just keeps repeating itself again and again. So rather than creating new email messages I have decided to start posting some code reviews. This will allow me to avoid repeating myself. … Continue reading

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