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sun should get into the hosting business

Sun keeps trying to offer Sun essentials for startups to Amplafi. The problem is that we don’t want to purchase services at the box level. We want to purchase at the java vm level. Buying a box means we have … Continue reading

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death of a pet

One of our cats died over the weekend, and it was interesting the reaction of the kids. AHM (3 1/2) was really melodramatic. “Sunshine is dead” spoken in a pseudo-emotional level. RAM (4 1/2) is more concerned about death and … Continue reading

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Amtrak promotes the destruction of your civil liberties

The letter I sent to Amtrak : As someone who has traveled on Amtrak frequently, as a rail fan, and as an advocate of rail in general within the environmental community, I am extremely upset that Amtrak is contributing to … Continue reading

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