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  1. Thoughts on how to evaluate code May 29, 2007

    Posted in amplafi, code review, management, technical.

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  2. apache v. tomcat mysteries… May 29, 2007

    Posted in help notes, technical.

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  3. If they hate ‘McJob’ why they don’t change the job! May 24, 2007

    Posted in political.

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  4. “yestertime” May 23, 2007

    Posted in kids, random silliness.

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  5. Interesting emissions data from UPRR May 10, 2007

    Posted in environment, political, transportation.

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  6. gonzo is…. May 4, 2007

    Posted in political.

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  7. What the hell were they thinking? May 1, 2007

    Posted in amplafi, technical.

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