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Thoughts on how to evaluate code

I met someone at Startup Camp2 who was non-techincal but had an idea that required technical expertise. She faced the typical problem of judging and evaluate software code in order to make sure the people she hired were: competent making … Continue reading

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apache v. tomcat mysteries…

So I struggled for hours trying to get apache to connect via the ajp13 worker to tomcat 5.5 We are using a Debian box on the production server. Could not make it happen…. until I set the worker to be … Continue reading

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If they hate ‘McJob’ why they don’t change the job!

From: The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) describes a McJob as “an unstimulating, low-paid job with few prospects, esp. one created by the expansion of the service sector.” In the letter, the business leaders [Sir Digby Jones, the former head of … Continue reading

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File this under “words that should be in the dictionary”. RAM (4yrs-old) has this great word, “yestertime”. If yesterday means the day before today, then “yestertime” should exist and mean some time before yesterday. What a great word!

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Interesting emissions data from UPRR

According to this: 1 double stack train equals 280 trucks trains are 2-4x more fuel efficient than trucks on a ton-mile basis trains are 2-3 cleaner than trucks w.r.t NOx emissions on a ton-mile basis

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gonzo is….

Love the last line in this guest editorial in the April 16, 2007, U.S. News and World Report: The attorney general has to be the rock of any administration. Gonzalas, alas, has been its marshmallow Now the question I have … Continue reading

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What the hell were they thinking?

I ran across this article about IE’s ‘wonderful’ MIME sniffing. Take a look at this report. Apparently, Internet Explorer looks at the first 256 characters of the file requested. If IE thinks it looks like HTML, it interprets it as … Continue reading

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