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Mantra for BuildCap

Guy Kawasaki’s “Art of the Start” talk says that you need a mantra not a mission statement for a company. Here is my cut at it: Helping you save the world without sacrificing your family. What do you think?

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mashup heaven in politics

Yesterday, I was at AspirationTech’s 2007 Nonprofit Software Development Summit and met a few interesting people. Including one from Sunlight Foundation. Sunlight Foundation has a few interesting mash-ups. First, they have the EarMarks mashup which puts all the “earmarks” from … Continue reading

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about passion for the cause….

Buildcap is focusing on the non-profit space. This results in reading a bunch of blogs about non-profits, including this one about passion: We need passion for the cause, passion for delivering real benefits to stakeholders. Charity employees (and volunteers) need … Continue reading

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why doesn’t tomcat make it possible to not have jsessionid in urls?

I don’t know either! But fortunately I found this great post.

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phone usability design notes (part 1)

I am starting a company, BuildCap. BuildCap’s target market includes groups like the Transportation and Land Use Coalition. TALC staff, like others, in the non-profit space do field work away from computers, but they still need to interact with the … Continue reading

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we launched our alpha release

Yeah! We are going into early alpha for the new for non-profits and political organizations. More news later. (right now the alpha site is a little secret 😉 )

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in the “no sympathy” department

or “don’t you read the news”?

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how the world will pass the U.S. by

More countries ignoring the silly backwater U.S.: If you’re a world traveler, you’ve probably already heard about the LGV Perpignan-Figueras, a new high speed rail line, currently under construction, which will connect the French and Spanish rail systems. Work began … Continue reading

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how taiwan proves that it is possible to build HSR in an anti-environmental way

From the Hong Kong Standard I called up Linda Arrigo, a local activist and member of Taiwan’s Green Party. I wanted an environmentalist’s take on the HSR’s impact on Taiwan. After all, anything that offers an alternative to driving has … Continue reading

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how come only Californians think that Americans love their cars

So this from the east…. notice not a word about how Americans love their cars so much that they would never get out to take a train… especially a train that easily beats the car! Published Tuesday, September 12, 2006, … Continue reading

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