consequences of a “small-government” administration

The recent accident at Blue Grass Airport in Kentucky is yet another example of a Bush administration that sees no value in government. As a consequence, 49 out of 50 people died.

FAA: Tower staffing during plane crash violated rules:

The Federal Aviation Administration on Tuesday acknowledged that only one controller was in the tower, in violation of FAA policy, when a Comair jet crashed Sunday while trying to take off from the wrong runway in Lexington, Kentucky.

The acknowledgment came after CNN obtained a November 2005 FAA memorandum spelling out staffing levels at the airport.

The agency implemented the policy last year after a near in-air collision at Raleigh/Durham International Airport. At the time, only one controller was staffing the tower.

It should also be pointed out for those fans of privitization that having only one controller on duty is also the cheapest way to run a tower. Unless you happen to be on one of those planes that happens to crash, but hey that’s what insurance is all about, right? Think of the payday for your loved ones. They will be thanking you for being on that plane!

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