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if I should bet on fools

I got to love this site that advertises on places like NewsMax which is for denial-of-reality people. Using the what goes-down-must-go-up inverted law of gravity, the website says: Let’s say you decide to err on the side of Iraqi prosperity. … Continue reading

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notes on George Lakoff “Whose Freedom?”

Did “freedom” lose its meaning? That is the question George asks and answered Friday, June 9 at the YearlyKos convention. He was wondering this because the way George Bush uses freedom is completely out of sync with the way Lakoff … Continue reading

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BART to San Jose lies caught up to backers on Tuesday.

My letter to the Merc – Dear Editor — In 2000, Santa Clara voters were promised BART-to-San-Jose, Caltrain electrification, and increased bus service with no new taxes. Santa Claus was going to pay for any funding shortfalls. Since then over … Continue reading

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BART smackdown… 57% of voters reject BART-to-San-Jose

Victory … the night started of well for the pro-good transportation people and stayed excellent. Non Partisan MEASURE A 1115/1115 100.00% Vote Count Percent NO 121,120 57.62% YES 89,075 42.38% Total 210,195 In spite of being outspent 100-1, the No … Continue reading

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