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if we are going back to simple servlets?

From a friend’s email about Spring Webflow: I determined that it would be difficult to integrate client-side behavior with webflow, which seemed tied to the concept of a server round-trip being a common operation to move from page-to-page in a … Continue reading

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BART Extension Threatens Santa Clara County Bus Service

(An article I wrote for the Loma Prietan): One of the key public transportation issues in Santa Clara County is whether to extend BART to San Jose. Not only is it a huge project, but it may do more harm … Continue reading

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legislative analyst weighs in on sb1291

Here is the latest on SB1291 (Alquist): First of all notice that: EXISTING LAW requires entities engaged in manufacturing, research & development, telecommunications, software production, printing, biotechnology or pharmaceuticals that purchase, lease or rent equipment and other supplies to pay … Continue reading

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why the merc just can’t say the truth

You just got to love the Mercury News editorial. They continue to push the June 6 Measure A, but the reasons they offer become more and more strained as they dance closer to the truth. VTAWatch helps them out a … Continue reading

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about the nature of non-profits

Non-profits are very different than businesses. Business exist to generate capital for their owners where as non-profits exist to generate social environmental change that their members agree is desirable. At the end of the day all non-profits are political. Churches … Continue reading

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