how to get sued by the big boys…

So Thursday last, my wife and I were going out for one of our rare and much needed date nights. With babysitting costing between $10-$15/hour it does not happen that often! We swung by our friends’ house to play some games. When we saw people going the opposite direction of in. Betsy was announcing that “Games night is cancelled because we are being sued!” To which she added when she saw us was: “And so are you!”

That kind of gets the heart racing doesn’t!?

Needless to say: Trisha did not get her date night.

Thank you, Carl Guardino, who is modestly:

named as one of the “Five Most Powerful” people in Silicon Valley

Carl Guardino
O.k., o.k. so legally I wasn’t sued by “One of the Five” but rather by an “SVLG operative”, Rick Callendar. Thursday, I was wondering who is Rick Callendar. Tips to accountablevta, for doing some research. Rick Callendar, aka Enrico Lydell Callender:

is the Government Relations Manager for the Santa Clara Valley Water District and also the head of the Silicon Valley NAACP.

Enrico Callender

Hi, Rick! O.k. so he isn’t “One of the Five”, but he is in line to be “One of the Ten”.

So why did I deserve such an honor as to be sued by a “One of the Ten”?

Well, I was one of the signers on the “No on Measure A” argument. The during the campaign will go into greater detail about this issue.

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  2. Ok, so i see that you are truly challenged with the truth.

    First your lies in the ballot argument to fool people of color, and keep them from getting our much needed social services. Now you have lies about me. What do you hate more, people of color challenging you or the truth? So Im an operative of the SVLG? Get your shit straight mr vice mayor.

    Why dont you try and get something right! I have NO affiliation with the yes on A or the SVLG. Where do you get your made up facts from?


  3. Greg Perry says:


    To start, the author of this blog is Pat Moore, who isn’t the vice-mayor. Presumably you mean me.

    Second, while I disagree with Rick about Measure A, that isn’t cause to accuse anyone of hating people of color. Or of hating being challenged by people of color.

    I don’t mind anyone challenging me, to be honest. It usually turns into an interesting discussion from which both can learn. I’m happy to discuss Measure A with Mr. Callender, either individually or as a formal debate, if he is willing.

    Greg Perry (Mr. Vice Mayor, in the above posting.)

  4. Just two questions for Mr. Callender re: need for social services:

    Where do you and the San Jose/Silicon Valley NAACP stand on the County Supes’ proposal for a concert hall at the County Fairgrounds? Why have I not seen formal protests at Supervisors’ meetings from you and/or your group about it? In a time of reduced state and federal $$$, common sense dictates that civic needs like affordable housing and child care for EVERYONE in the Valley needs to come before civic wants like a concert hall.

    Where were you and the San Jose/Silicon Valley NAACP when VTA had slashed service by 33% and had three fare hikes between 2000 and 2004? The higher fares and reduced service, as I hope you are aware, impacted the working poor, seniors, and disabled the hardest. It was especially bad for East San Jose, where the Valley’s highest public transit ridership is located.

    With alll due respect to you and your group expressing concerns on San Jose police racial profiling, I need to know why you’ve waited until Measure A this year to express the need for social services in the Valley.

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