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if ImprovEverywhere can come out here….

I was listening to This American Life and they had a program that they called “Mind Games”. It is about ImprovEverywhere. This is a group that does great street theatre. My favorite is “Look up More”. Although, the mini-skit of … Continue reading

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when hitech data loss becomes unfunny

a while ago I mentioned posted about crashing hard drives turned to music. Well suddenly, its not so funny! My Acomdata 320GB Harddive suddenly started making those same sounds. Got a techsupport email “call” in today. Promised a response within … Continue reading

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how to get a ballot argument on the ballot (Part I)

(This post will be an active post as I learn more over the next few months) Anyone is allowed to submit an argument in favor or against a ballot proposal. The more elected officials and bona fide organizations that signoff … Continue reading

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how to get sued for a ballot argument (Part I)

As mentioned in an earlier post, I was one of a few select people to get sued by one of the less than “Five Most Powerful People in Silicon Valley” to stop our “No on Measure A” argument from appearing … Continue reading

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how to get sued by the big boys…

how to know that you have reached the big time, you get sued by the power brokers! Continue reading

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