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why people bother to interview here (Part 1)

I have just gotten out of yet another interview with a “senior” Java candidate who doesn’t know threading at all. Please don’t claim you are a senior candidate unless you can answer this basic question. public class Foo { public … Continue reading

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tomcat debugging (5.5.13)

FATAL ERROR in native method: No transports initialized Continue reading

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MySpace Worm Explanation

MySpace Worm Explanation Technical explanation of the MySpace worm Also called the “Samy worm” or “JS.Spacehero worm” <div><a> <script>s, <body>s, onClicks, onAnythings, href’s with javascript, etc…However, some browsers (IE, some versions of Safari, others) allow javascript within CSS tags. We … Continue reading

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living standards closer to average…

A friend of mine posted recently about how concerned he was about living standards in the US approaching that of a Pakastani bricklayer because we are not investing in education to stay a technological leader. Guess what? The standards are … Continue reading

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why the democrats are around…

It has been 5 years of Bush. For a long time the Democrats have been playing prevent defense against the GOP as if the Democrats are somehow “ahead” on points. What they continually fail to realize is that they are … Continue reading

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You know for all the people who don’t believe in global climate change, it’s o.k. it sure believes in you … 13 tropical storms, 13 hurricanes, and only 3 depressions that failed to live up to their potential. It is … Continue reading

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Merry XMas … would you like a virus with your music?

(This is a copy of an email I sent to friends a while ago — so yes I know it its about a month old! — but considering that Sony and the RIAA still doesn’t get it!. It still seems … Continue reading

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software monocytes…

A white blood cell which can ingest dead or damaged cells (through phagocytosis) and provide immunological defences against many infectious organisms. There seems to be a crying need in many software organizations to have a (at least) few designated people … Continue reading

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black box voting in Venezuela

I find this story a little fun. You would think they would trust computers more. Why wouldn’t they trust Diebold voting machines? Considering how much Chavez has been ranting about the US’s policies and how the government is trying to … Continue reading

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